Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies
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Certified breeder of Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies in San Diego and Southern California.
Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies
Our lovely Dams are the key to any breeding program and we have   carefully selected these beautiful dogs below. All are AKC registered and have been screened to ensure that we are breeding only the finest of traits and conformity.
Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

They are growing up very fast and look so much alike sometimes we get them mixed up. We have a hard time but one Sunshine has a solid white chest where Susie's kind of runs through it with black.  Then the faces are different due to the white marking which goes around there lips. One has more white around her mouth then the other. Samson will be a proud daddy next year. This will be their first litter and so we are very excited.  Susie is still as silly as ever.
A new addition to our breeding program - more info coming soon!

Heidi is a sister to Bella and is a real sweetheart. She wants to please and is always trying to do what is expected of her. Heidi loves to be a mama. We have allowed her the run of the ranch with our Fred. She is adapting well and loves the freedom. Fred and her got together.  We had babies this year from Heidi!

Outstanding babies each and every one.  We are very proud of her and her babies.


Bella is one of our best girls. She has given us 9 new babies for 2020.  Each of the puppies were healthy, big boned and carried stunning markings. Bella is very friendly to visitors and will overwhelm you with enthusiasm and heart. Her pedigree is impeccable - she came from Ohio and is one of our newer bloodlines (to ensure the health of our breeding program). She is healthy and strong.  She does have the most unusual way of having babies. She does not have the baby in the whelping box but grabs the baby and takes it over to the whelping box mess and all. Also she corrects her babies by picking them up and placing them where she wants them to go.
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